So Robin Williams is dead from suicide, and there are severe floods going on all over this area. My sister's basement flooded, and a bunch of my belongings (including almost all my books) are now destroyed. Thank goodness I have pizza and chocolate, because today is not a good day.

This gif is my reaction to today.

ETA- Aaaaand just found out that the water in the basement is likely sewage, so I WILL have to throw out everything it touches. I was hoping I could salvage my books. I guess that will not be possible. I'm crying now.


ETA- I asked my sister to try to save a box of my dolls and stuffed animals from childhood, and now she says she doesn't know if the box is wet or not. So the one thing I most wanted to save is probably destroyed too. They weren't worth anything, just sentimental value, but this is breaking my heart.